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Dialysis Day 104

My RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) acted up at dialysis yesterday. I can tolerate it much better when it happens at night (because I have both the option of getting out of bed and doing something else, or taking my Tylenol #3, which usually helps alleviate the symptoms). When it happens at dialysis, it’s very frustrating, because I’m chained to the chair, yet I can’t get comfortable, and that’s for 4 hours. Even though I have the laptop as a distraction, it’s still annoying.

I also had an infiltrate of my venous needle. The site initially got hard, then felt like a spasm, and then began to hurt. The nurse was able to turn off the machine to prevent any further damage, and I ended my treatment 24 minutes early (I’m normally on for 4 hours). Despite that, I still hit my dry weight.

Beginning wt: 97 kg. End wt: 93.5 kg.

Last night I felt very washed out. I was dizzy, somewhat weak, had muscle cramps, and was very tired. I fell asleep at 8pm, and got up at 6. Today, I feel much better, although my hands are burny/tingly today. Not sure what to make of last night; does my dry weight need to be increased, or was my potassium too low? Something to continue to watch…

Today, I have my Intervenional Radiology appointment to “tune up” my fistula. I’m working today prior to the procedure, but will call first to see if they are running behind; I want to avoid the 5 hour wait I had the last time. If they are running behind, I won’t have to waste sick time on just waiting.

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