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Verizon Wireless

I went to pay my phone bill the other day, and got a bit uptight when I saw it. It was almost $100 more than usual, and when I examined it, the increase was from my son’s phone for data charges. 

Kevin is almost 16, and has had his own phone (on our family share plan) for several years now. When he first got it, we added unlimited text messaging to his plan. Lately, he’s been texting quite a bit (typical teenager; I guess when you’re an old fart like me, it’s easier to call).

So, I called Verizon Wireless, and got a very nice rep on the phone. I told her my problem, she APOLOGIZED for me having to call about this, and looked up our account. It seems that this unlimited text package was discontinued, and when he got his new phone in December, it was dropped. She credited all of the charges up to that call, and we added a text messaging plan on. In all,  I was on the phone for under 10 minutes. VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Many times when you call these big companies, you are lost in the phone que, and rarely get your problem resolved without a lot of headache. But this was different, and is consistent as well; whenever I’ve had to call, the reps at Verizon have gone out of their way to make sure I am taken care of. That’s why we continue to use Verizon for our DSL, home phone, and wireless (it also helps that we get a 20% discount on our monthly plan and 25% discount on accessories through my employer).

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