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Dialysis Day 101

Smooth treatment today. I didn’t have a huge weight gain, and my pressure was good (124/68 to start, 100/60 at the end).

I did have some blood spurting from both insertion sites, but I think that was due to me being too tentative with inserting the needles.

No transplant calls in the past 2 weeks. I’ve decided that I won’t get excited until the transplant is inside of me. In other words, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Beginning wt: 96.5 kg. End wt: 92.9 kg.

I did have labs today prior to dialysis. So far, they aren’t available online, but will be later tonight or tomorrow.

One of the biggest issues with being on dialysis is nutrition. Since I am limited as to what I can eat, I must choose carefully. The first priority is protein. So, I started eating protein bars. They do have increased phosphorous, but are very nutritious otherwise, so I just be sure to take a phosphorous binder when I eat one. At this point, I eat 1 bar daily. the South Beach Diet bars are high in protein (19 g), but have no taste. I prefer ZonePerfect. My favorite is the Chocolate Almond Raisin. Runner up is the Fudge Graham. I didn’t care for the Iced Cinnamon; those are the only 3 flavors I’ve tried. I got 2 dozen bars for under $19 at Sam’s Club, which is an excellent price.

Of course, the other advantage to maintaining protein levels is for healing after surgery. I did check with my Nutritionist, and she agrees that it’s OK for me to be eating these.

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