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Dialysis Day 98

 Smooth day at dialysis yesterday, except for some slight cramps at the end of the treatment (nothing like those from 2 weeks ago).

I took Jackie’s laptop, played some MahJohngg and did some StumbleUpon (Geisinger had several of the websites blocked; my guess is that some were on YouTube). 

The nurse I had is a BIG Hillary Clinton supporter; she had a large Hillary button on that she apparently got from the rally she went to this past weekend in Bloomsburg. She was all excited, because she had shaken hands with Bill twice at the rally. I asked her if she washed her hands well afterwards :). Anyway, she started debating politics with me. I asked her a very leading question: who’s fault is it that gas prices are  high? Of course, her answer was the usual: it’s Bush’s fault. Well, I tried my best to give her an economics lesson; the futures traders bid up the price, Opec controls supply, increased world demand, and the environmentalists making it too difficult to start up new refineries and new drilling projects (I forgot to mention that Mexico is allowing China to drill in the Gulf Of Mexico, and getting oil that the US could easily get as well). Needless to say, she was flustered. I had fun debating; as I said, I’m not going to change her mind, and she isn’t going to change mine, but it’s fun to debate.

Beginning wt: 95.7 kg. End wt: 92.9 kg.

Still deciding on the blog move, but I’m leaning towards WordPress to host it and just use my own domain. I have to figure out how it’s done, and then maybe I’ll even do it before the surgery.

The weather here is awesome. I took the dogs for a ride in “the welfare van” (I drive a 1994 Chevy Astro, that still runs great. Cosmetically, it needs some work on the inside, but I could care less; Kevin has thus dubbed it “the welfare van”). Kevin called me on my way home from dialysis and asked me to drop him off at The Riverlands (a small lake run by PPL across from their nuclear reactors). So, I picked up the dogs, and drove him to go fishing. He did get a “15” Palamino trout (but threw it back in).

Poor Kelsea; she’s still dizzy, and isn’t able to get around as well as before; I’m hoping this is still just the acute part of the illness. The dogs all enjoy going for rides. Even Chester, even though he’s not tall enough to see out the window, and because of his “girth”, he’s too fat to make it up on the seats.

Jackie worked in the yard last night; I didn’t, because I didn’t want to lift anything, since I had dialysis a few hours before, and didn’t want to risk bleeding.

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