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Random Thoughts

I’m really glad that last week is over. It seemed like everything hit at once. I usually am able to handle things fairly well, but last week took a toll. I wasn’t exactly upbeat yesterday, but feel much better today.

One of the problems I’ve been dealing with is Kevin’s school Kevin also has Charcot Marie Tooth (a form of muscular dystrophy), which was diagnosed last summer. Prior to that, the school had noticed that he had problems with handwriting, and the school’s Occupational Therapist came up with a plan for the teachers to follow to adapt to this. The plan is called a 504, and the teachers are required to follow it. We are fine with him having the 504, but let him know that we expect that he doesn’t hide behind this to get out of work (he’s not the type of kid that would do that anyway). Every year, there’s always a teacher that thinks that is optional, and we end up addressing this with him/her. This year, however, has been particularly bad for this, with 3 teachers ignoring it. He does well in all classes except for the ones that the teachers ignore the 504. Jackie initially dealt with this by emailing the teachers, and then going to the assistant principal and the guidance counsellor (she works in the district as a teacher). We got lip service, and were told it would be taken care of, but it wasn’t. That’s when I got involved…

I started with the assistant principal, and got nowhere. I then went to the principal, and he said that it would be taken care of by the end of the week (I spoke to him on Tuesday). The following Monday, it still was going on, and I called the principal again; he was surprised to hear that the person he delegated it to hadn’t done what he was supposed to (I wasn’t surprised; this was what had gone on all along). Well, that call did the trick. However, ANOTHER one of his teachers started giving him problems, so I called the Occupational Therapist. The 504 states that Kevin is to be given extra time to complete written assignments, and that he is given the option to type rather than write, since he has poor coordination and muscle tone in his hands. However, this bozo composition teacher required that his compositions be almost double the length of what the other students were required, and also gave him an ultimatum that he had to hand in all of his compositions IN WRITING BY THE NEXT DAY. Of course, this occurred the day after I found out that I wasn’t going to get the transplant that I originally was told I would get.

Yesterday, the OT called Jackie, and apparently, got everything straightened out. For now, at least….

I’m taking this blog to “the next level”. Sunday, I bought a new domain name, and plan to eventually move my blog to the new domain. I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll have WordPress.com host it, or host it through a hosting plan. I figure that I will decide that after my surgery, when I’ll have a lot of free time on my hands.

There were several reasons for switching. First, I’ve had several instances where I was posting on LJ, after typing directly on the “post” page, and when I submitted it, all of the text was lost, and it didn’t post. VERY FRUSTRATING. Second, LJ doesn’t offer stats on page hits; I’d sure like to know how many people are reading this. I’m getting more and more messages from people finding my blog through Google. With WordPress, I’ll be able to keep track of site hits.

One of Kevin’s classmates made the paper yesterday. Her 19 year old ex-boyfriend snuck up behind her while she was walking down the street, ripped off her blouse and bra, and then punched her in the head. This girl was at Kevin’s 6th birthday party, so I remember her as a cute little 1st grader. However, Kevin says that she now has a “reputation”, and has a community chest, if you get my drift. It’s amazing how some kids change. As a parent, it’s also scary….

Jackie’s Yankees avoided a potential curse. Those Red Sox fans will resort to anything. And take a look at what ELSE they found. Me, I don’t care one way or the other…. 

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