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Dialysis Day 96, Rant

Back to work yesterday, and it was steady, but not terrible. I had a bunch of stuff to do from missing the day before, but was able to get it all done before going to dialysis. The weather here was beautiful; sunny and 70 degrees, so I enjoyed the walk over from my clinic to the hospital dialysis unit.

When I got to dialysis, I walked in and weighed myself. The patients on either side of my chair were already on (not unusual, as they are there earlier since they are retired), but the patient that precedes me in the morning was still in the chair. This is far from the first time that this has happened, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Before I begin my rant, I’ll preface it by saying that each patient has a different dialysis order. Some are on for 3 hours, some for 3.5, and some for 4 (me). Although I don’t mind, I’m usually the last one to leave, since I’m working before, and am on for 4 hours. Now, for my rant.

I went back to the waiting room for 30 minutes until I was called back. I found out that the patient before me didn’t show up for dialysis. The nurse called his house, and his mommy answered (he’s 35; I usually reserve the term mommy for children under the age of 8 and children over the age of 25 who still depend on the mommy to get them through life despite being physically and mentally able to do so themselves). They asked her why he wasn’t dialysis, and she answered that she forgot to wake him up. This is the same guy who didn’t show up for dialysis on Tuesday a few months ago because he didn’t feel good. He showed up in the ER at noon (he was to start dialysis at 6am), and was sent to dialysis at 3pm to be dialyzed, because his potassium was in a life-threatening range (7.0), and he had gained 6 kg over the weekend. Either this guy has a death wish, is clueless, or just doesn’t care. Anyway, he started late yesterday, which then bumped my time back as well.

I don’t have a problem starting late due to unforeseen circumstances, but this is getting to be habitual, and I’m about ready to say something to the nurse manager. If he wants to sleep in, then he should switch to the later morning shift. I’d love to sleep in, but I’m up at 6am on non-dialysis days and 5am on dialysis days to go to work.

Judging from what I’ve seen of him, he’s a whiner. Unfortunately, I don’t have much time for whiners. We all have our own problems, and whining about them is not going to make them any better. I’d just love to tell him about my former co-worker’s 27 year old daughter who is currently in CCU with a chest tube and a pain pump for her stage III lung cancer that has invaded her heart. And from what I’m told, she’s still upbeat, despite the grim prognosis. Mr Whiner thinks he has problems? He needs to realize how lucky he is…

Rant over.

Otherwise, I self-cannulated, which was fine at first, but I think the needle was close to a nerve, because about half way through, I developed severe pain at the lower needle site. The nurse repositioned it, and it helped briefly, but then was hurting even more. So, she slowed the machine down to 350 ml/min, inserted another needle, and clamped off the other one. The pain subsided, and they just removed the first needle after dialysis was done.

Beginning wt: 95.1 kg End wt: 93 kg.

Kelsea is much better. She still has her head cocked to the left side, but she’s eating, not vomiting, and the dizziness is apparently much less.

Wednesday was the day I found out that I wasn’t getting the kidney, as well as the day that I thought we’d have to put Kelsea down. I left a voice mail for the head of the clinic about what had happened, and that I wouldn’t be in. I never heard back from her that day (which was fine), but when I returned yesterday, she didn’t say one word to me. She hasn’t said anything to me today either. I’m very surprised at this.

Looks like I’ll make it to Dialysis Day 100 and beyond….

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