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Reflections, Dog update, Labs, etc

Back to the “grind” today. Actually, compared to the rollercoaster of the past few days, boring is a relief.

Thanks to everyone for your messages and calls; they mean a lot.

I’m doing well, although disappointed, but I’d much rather get a good kidney, than take a chance with one that might give me cancer (or some other disease). Rumor has it that my surgeon was extremely irate over the fact that the people doing the history on the patient omitted the fact that she had a history that would make the organ questionable. That’s reassuring to know that he’s being picky.

If I was superstitious (I’m not), then I would be mad at the dialysis nurses. I’m usually at the same dialysis station every time. However, on Tuesday, they flip-flopped me and Bill. Bill left early that day, after his fistula infiltrated, and I didn’t get the kidney. As I was sitting there on Tuesday (at dialysis), I noticed that the chair I was in was the only one without a number above it, but Bill’s chair of that day had “12” above it. Mine, of course, was chair 13….

I did get some of my labs back from Tuesday, and they look good overall. I’m still free of Hep B and C, my Hemoglobin is 12.4 (up from 11.7), my platelets are normal, but a little lower than usual (182; norm is 150-400), calcium is low normal (8.7; norm is 8.3-10.5), phosphorous is normal (4.5; norm is 2.5-4.8), PTH is high at 302 (norm for chronic kidney disease is 150-300, so not too bad; they’ll probably restart Zemplar now), potassium is normal at 4.5 (norm is 3.5-5.1), iron is low normal at 50 (norm 45-160), and iron binding capacity is low at 226 (norm 228-428). I didn’t get my pre and post BUN’s yet; I’ll probably get them today. I also started eating South Beach Diet Protein Bars (19g/bar), and my Albumin is better at 4.1 (norm 3.8-5.0).

Kelsea is doing much better. She ravenously ate some chicken last night, no more vomiting, and her gait is improved. I’m so glad I had the vet check her out.

I had a niceemail yesterday from England; I gave permission to the editor of a newsletter for PKD patients in the UK to link to my blog. She is doing an article titled “Life on Dialysis” (i.e. the practice rather than the theory).

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