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Transplant Tomorrow, Dialysis Day 95

The surgeons were in to dialysis to get consent and discuss the surgery. Since they hadn’t harvested the kidney as of 3:30, they are going to do the surgery tomorrow. That’s just as well; if not, I would have been going to the OR late tonight, and I haven’t eaten since early this morning. So, Jackie and I had a chance to go out to eat tonight, and I’ll hopefully be well rested for tomorrow. 

They told me that they feel it’s a good kidney based on the information given to them, but won’t know for sure until they are able to visually see it (the patient is in Bethlehem, which is about 2 hours away from Geisinger). They “insisted” on a biopsy, so that will also be a determining factor. The creatinine (1.1), BUN (14), and urine output have all been stable. The donor is a 54 year old female who had a cerebral hemorrhage. 

I’ll try to sleep well tonight (I’m actually tired and I’m relatively calm); I probably won’t know until the morning when I’ll be going to the OR. 

Dialysis today went fine, except it was very long. Of course, everyone there was happy for me. Many of the staff were congratulating me, and would wish me luck when they passed by my chair; I wondered if the other patients, particularly those who can’t get a transplant, or still have a long wait, were feeling bad that they were still going to need dialysis, and I won’t (long term at least; there still is a possibility that I might need a couple more dialysis treatments if the kidney takes a couple days to “wake up”). 

Anyway, they drew about 20 tubes of blood, and I had to give a urine. I wasn’t sure if I could work one up (I only pee 2-3 times per day lately), but I received the appropriate level of motivation when they told me that if I couldn’t, they may have to catheterize me. I realize they will stick a foley in tomorrow, but I’ll probably be sedated when they do that). I also had a chest x-ray and EKG after dialysis; the only thing left is more blood work in the am (Basic Metabolic Panel), and the IV (as well as a whopping dose of Campath to knock out my immune system). The also hooked up my heparin, but realized that I couldn’t get it due to having surgery, so they disconnected it and instead, gave me boluses of saline every 30 minutes to keep the dialyzer from clotting. 

Beginning wt: 97.4kg. End wt: 93.4 kg.

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