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Dialysis Day 94

I feel better overall. Not near as much dizziness, although my BP is still 100s/50s at the end of dialysis. The first 90 minutes of dialysis was spent with a visitor. A friend who has since moved from the area was in town, and stopped by to see me. He’s a former liberal Democrat, who has since joined the Green Party, but I don’t hold that against him :)  We had a great time catching up on everything (he was a doctor in the clinic I worked in; we used to try to outdo each other with practical jokes). We found out we have the same blood type, and he offered me a kidney; however, his Type 2 diabetes wouldn’t make him a candidate. 

Other than that, dialysis was uneventful. Dr. H upped my dry weight again, to 93.5 kg, since my BP is still low. 

Beginning wt: 95.8 kg. End wt: 93 kg. 

Whenever I go out to a restaurant, I swear I have “Please Screw Me” on my forehead. We went to Grotto Pizza Friday, and had terrible service (I’ll spare the details). I guess we won’t be going there anymore. And yesterday, at McDonald’s, I stopped on my way home from dialysis (since it was 4pm, and I hadn’t eaten since breakfast), and THEY screwed up my order. However, I went in and spoke to the manager, and he exceeded my expectations. 

Why is it, that when there is a problem, some people do everything BUT the one thing needed to fix it? I got hit with a situation at work that someone else had made into a mountain from a mole hill, and the fix was simple. But did they fix it? Everything but…. Properly evaluating what was wrong, followed by a simple call; that was all that was needed. 

While I’m ranting, might as well get this one out: I work with a person who is immune to the rules. That is, she has the attitude that the rules are for everyone but her. Well, I got a chuckle this week, because her disregard for the rules of our workplace had her in a place where she shouldn’t have been, and she ended up with damage to her property.  It just goes to show that people that treat other people poorly will get payback in the end. Schadenfreude….

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