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Dialysis Day 93

I feel markedly better today. Some periods of lightheadedness, but not as bad as Tuesday. And, my thighs still hurt from the muscle cramps on Tuesday. My Neph upped my dry weight to 93 kg, because my bp is still quite low (105/52 at the end of dialysis today). I self-cannulated again today, and drew my own blood. I actually hardly felt either needle.†

Beginning wt: 95 kg. End wt: 92.7 kg.†

I came home from work/dialysis to a big mess. Digger was in his crate all day, and the other 2 dogs are free to roam. I smelled poop as soon as I got in, and quickly discovered that our buff-colored GoldenDoodle was now chocolate colored, from the large amount of diarrhea in his crate. It wasn’t his fault; he couldn’t help it. But, he gets so excited when I let him out, that he painted our walls and molding. I quickly let him outside, then gave him a bath, and by that time, Jackie was home to help me clean up what Digger had painted on the walls with his tail.† No more pork roast for Digger (his supper the previous night).

I won an eBay auction this past week. It’s a Baird’s Dairy calendar from 1942, from the dairy that my grandfather worked for, and that was owned by his brother, and later their sister’s in-laws. It’s in excellent shape, and according to the seller, was never used (it came in the original box in excellent condition). It was a little more than I planned to pay ($31), but it’s probably†rare, so it was worth it.†

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