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Dialysis Day 91

Dialysis went well. I slept through 2 hours of it, and watched boring TV for the rest. No problems “self-cannulating”; I’m to the point where I’m able to do it quickly, and quicker means less pain.

I also got the suture removed from the fistulaplasty/balloon angioplasty incision. Today. it’s a little red, but not sore.

Beginning wt: 95.0 kg. End wt: 92.1 kg.

We had dinner with my aunt and uncle from North Carolina last night. In fact, we were at Revello’s in Old Forge, the “pizza capital of the world”. Yes, they do have the best pizza I’ve ever had. People from NYC that say they have the best have never eaten Old Forge pizza. Anyway, we had a nice time catching up on things.

Today, I worked my weekend job. I’m still very tired; this week has been a rough week for me, for some reason.

Digger got sick this morning while he was in his crate. Jackie found an undigested sock, covered with his gastric juices. He just loves to eat socks! He can put his face up to the table while we’re eating, and be inches from food, and won’t touch the food. But he’ll raid the hamper, or Kevin’s room for socks, and  invariably will either carry it around or swallow it.

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