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Dialysis Day 90

I fell asleep last night by 9:30, and since today was dialysis day, was up at 5am. I was wiped out this morning at work; I was almost falling asleep at my desk. I walked over to dialysis, got put on the machine, and was asleep within a half hour. I was practically comatose, and woke up at 2pm-I felt much better afterwards.†

Dr. H (Nephrologist) was in today, and told me that I was right about the Radiologist saying I would eventually need a graft within†my fistula. Since I was sort of out of it, I didn’t quite comprehend all that he said, but it was something along the lines of a problem with the valves in my fistula vein, causing stenosis and aneurysms. I have to monitor the size of the aneurysms, and tell him if they get noticeably larger, so that he can look at them prior to starting dialysis.†

Prior to today, I stuck both needles in the bottom of my fistula, but today, stuck the second needle halfway up. This was major, as it is an odd angle, as well as a more sensitive area. It went well, so I’m over the hesitancy now of sticking in that area. I also used an arm board today for the first, and will continue it from now on. It prevents me from bending my arm, thus†reducing the risk of†an infiltrate.†

Beginning wt: 95.5 kg. End wt: 92.4 kg.†

We just joined Netflix on Sunday night, and of course, our first order was delayed due to the Netflix computer’s going down. However, they were shipped on Tuesday, and we received them yesterday, along with an email that we would get a 5% discount on our first monthly fee to compensate for the late delivery; I’m impressed!†

Last week, we went to Blockbuster to rent movies, and they didn’t have any that we had wanted. We picked three out that looked good, and they were all terrible, and we paid $15 for the 3. Our Netflix will cost $17/month, and we’ll have a much better selection.†

Tonight we watched our first Netflix movie: I Am Legend. We all liked it, and I would recommend it. Next one is Dan something (comedy-can’t remember the title) and The Italian Job.†

I installed OpenSuse Linux, and like it more than PCLinuxOS. It’s taking some getting used to (although all software has a learning curve), but so far, I like it. I tend to use it more now than I do Windows, although there are still some things I prefer to do on Windows over Linux. Of course, the main advantage is that there are no viruses.†

Kevin went fishing tonight, and got a 15″ largemouth bass in a pond outside of Nescopeck. He was thrilled. (of course, he threw it back in). I’m glad he’s fishing; it keeps him out of trouble. Not that he would get into trouble, but it’s always a potential with a 15 year old.

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