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Hurry Up and Wait

 That was my day today. Nothing to eat after 7am, I was at Radiology at 1pm as requested (for my 2pm appt), I wasn’t called back to the holding area until 2:45, and didn’t get to the IR suite until after 5:30! To top it off, it took 5 “sticks” before they could get my IV, and it was a baby one at that (a 24 guage). 

The procedure was noticeably more painful today. They ballooned open 5 areas. The most pronounced area of stenosis was 2mm. The last time, they ballooned up to 8mm; today they took it to 10 mm. Despite the Fentanyl (total of 200 mcg), I still had pain of 9 out of 10. The procedure itself took a while; I wasn’t done until 7:30. Towards the end, I was nauseated (combination of extreme pain and not eating since early this morning). 

Despite the long wait and pain, it was worth it; my fistula is noticeably better afterwards (both by feel of the upper end, and the pics afterwards).

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