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Dialysis Day 89

 Large weight gain over the weekend (hopefully all of it was fluid!), and I paid the price after dialysis. My BP at the end of dialysis was 90/47. I felt fine until I got home, and started getting lightheaded. This is due to the removal of a large amount of fluid in a short amount of time. (imagine peeing 11-1/2 lbs of fluid within 4 hours).  

Yesterday, I had a little bit of apprehension sticking the first needle in. Prior to yesterday, I just would focus on the spot I would stick it in, but yesterday, I looked at the needle instead, which I shouldn’t have done. I stuck it in, and was much slower than I usually am. To top it off, I hit a nerve, and the nurse had to remove it right away. I held  pressure on it for 10 minutes, and it stopped bleeding. I was then able to stick the other 2 needles in, and this time focused on the insertion spot. The only other problem I had was that the upper needle started hurting with a burning intense pain. The nurse repositioned the needle, and that solved the problem; the tip must have been up against the wall of the blood vessel.

Beginning weight: 97.8 kg. End weight: 92.2 kg. 

Fistulaplasty today; I get my fistula “ballooned” again. I’m working 7-1 today, and then go across the parking lot to Interventional Radiology. 

If you are looking for a non-invasive, non-medicine approach to losing weight, someone came up with a new idea-weight loss glasses.  I guess the theory sounds OK, but I think it’s just another way for your money to needlessly part with your wallet….

We’re going to Old Forge on Saturday for pizza. My aunt from North Carolina is coming in, and we’re meeting her and my Uncle. Specifically, we’re going to Revello’s. Hillary just visited there 2 weeks ago; hopefully, we won’t get the same table. (another link  here; since it’s YouTube, and I’m at work, I can’t view it from here).

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