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Dialysis Day 88

Quiet day at dialysis. Needle insertions went well. I did have a little bit of pain from the one needle site during the treatment; I must have been by another nerve, although this wasn’t as noticeable as Thursday.

Beginning wt: 96 kg. End wt: 92.3 kg.

Friday night, I had horrendous itching. Some on my back, but mostly on my arms. I dug open some skin on my arm, and despite Hydrocortisone cream, the itching continued, so I broke down and took some Atarax. I really don’t like that drug, and my urine output seems to drop off after taking it, I drink more (due to it’s drying effect), and I get hung over from it. And, it didn’t help much this time. I then put Witch Hazel on my arm, and that did the trick.

Today, I’m working, and so far, it’s a 2 (Amish) Buggy Sunday. Some jerk passed me on a 2 lane country highway (PA 254) at about 90 mph, and almost took out one of the buggies. There have been several fatalities around here due to drivers not watching out for these, despite the yellow buggy warning signs on the road.

Another appointment this week in IR (Interventional Radiology) to get my fistula reemed out again. My arm is doing much better from the infiltrate, and the aneurysms seem to be smaller.

Happy Easter!

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