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Dialysis Day 87

 I inserted my own needles again, this time without local anesthesia (skin refrigerant spray). It went well again, except that the second needle must have gone in by a nerve. I knew it was nerve vs infiltrate, because the pain is different. It was bothersome, but not enough to remove the needle. It did hurt quite a bit when it was removed, but I took Tylenol and it was fine afterwards. 

My weight gain between treatments was acceptable. I think that my dry weight is now at the right level. 

My hemoglobin took a drop from 12.5 two weeks ago to 11.7 this week (due to the hematoma?), but my potassium was normal. Those are the only 2 that they checked.

Beginning wt: 95.3. End wt: 92.3 kg. 

I decided to stop my Celexa. For one, I no longer need it (I started it in the fall for anxiety), as I’m coping well. Also, I’ve gained close to 20 lbs since starting it. The weight gain could also be from feeling better from starting dialysis, but either way, there’s no sense in taking it if it’s not needed. So, I started weaning it, and will be off of it by next week. 

 I don’t hide my identity here, although I don’t think I’ve ever posted my full name (though I “advertise” on all of my outgoing emails which have my full name, and it’s easy to figure out my name based on “jsher”). The reason for saying this is that I came across a blog entry at  GruntDoc that shows that when you post on the internet, you certainly are not anonymous. Big Brother (or “Big Amazon”) is watching? 

I also came across an inventive way for ships to save energy. The only problem would be that the wind has to blow the right way. In other energy news, Nintendo has been named dead last by Greenpeace in rating how “green” their technology is. I think I’ll buy a Wii this weekend….

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