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Dialysis Day 86, Self Cannulation

 I did it! I stuck myself with both (large) needles. Of course, the nurse taped them down, and hooked them to the machine, but I actually inserted the needles into my fistula. I used skin refrigerant, and didn’t really feel all that much pain. It’s definitely mind over matter. 

Other than that, nothing much else going on. I had labs, so I’ll probably post them tomorrow. My hematoma still hurts, but not as bad as the weekend. 

I didn’t gain as much as I thought, especially since it was 3 days since last dialysis. I am putting out more urine; maybe because I stopped the Atarax? Also, my rash is gone, so I’ll cancel my Derm appointment. 

Beginning wt: 96.3 kg. End wt: 91.9 kg.

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