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Dialysis Day 85

Boring day at dialysis (TV on Saturday sucks even more than on weekdays). I did have one problem though. I started clotting off the dialyzer at the end of my treatment. Here, my Heparin didn’t infuse. I got my initial 500 unit bolus, but the remainder didn’t infuse, and the nurse didn’t notice until the end of my treatment. I got all of the fluid off I was supposed to, but got off early because of the clotting (about 15 minutes).

They are still accessing the lower end of the fistula due to last week’s infiltrate higher up. My fistula hurt a bit during dialysis, and has progressively hurt since. Today, the area of the infiltrate is warm and tender (mild pain), but it’s difficult to tell whether it’s red, since the hematoma and bruising is so extensive (as someone who saw it last night said, “the pictures on your blog don’t look near as bad as in person”). I’m getting a little concerned about it; clot vs. infection vs plebitis. Hopefully if it’s anything, it’s the latter. I’m going to message the Nephrologist tomorrow to let him know. I have a feeling that there will be a venous doppler study or another fistulagram in my not-too-distant future.

Going back to last week when the Nephrologist was doing rounds, he was on his way to Austin Texas this weekend, and thought of something to tell me, so he called me from Texas while I was at dialysis, and told me that if someone is inactive on the Transplant List, they still accumulate time, and when they re-activate, they could be ahead of me.

Jackie is strongly encouraging me to go to the Emergency Dept tonight for my arm. No way will I sit there for 10 hours, and then have them tell me what I already know, and then tell me to follow up in the morning with Nephrology. I’ll skip going, and contact Nephrology in the morning (actually I’ll message them tonight through email).

Beginning wt: 94.8 kg End wt 92.3 kg.

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