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Hematoma and other stuff (including Pics!)

Still VERY itchy and rashy. I had my semi-annual appt with Dr. G (my PCP) today, and he referred me to the Dermatologist. In fact, they already called me with an appointment for next Thursday. The main reason for going is diagnosis, so that’s fine. Dr. G said it’s most likely a drug rash or from a virus; however, a friend of mine told me that viral rashes don’t itch (exception: chicken pox). One of my theories: there has been problems with heparin given during dialysis (allergic reactions). Maybe my dialysis got a batch that is bad, but wasn’t recalled yet? Other than that, the appointment went well. I gained about 15 lbs since summer, but that replaces the “unhealthy” weight loss I had when I was nosediving with my kidney failure.

My arm looks just lovely, as you can tell from the pics. It didn’t start bruising until mid morning, and it made up for lost time throughout the day. And yes, it does hurt. I figure there’s about 100-200 cc of blood in the tissues of my arm.

I’m finding my way around Linux, and the more I learn, the more I like it. Granted, it’s not as intuitive as Windows as far as installing things, but just like Windows, there’s a learning curve, and it becomes easy once you learn the basics. So far, I’ve configured my printer, used the Bit Torrent client to download another Linux OS (OpenSUSE) (even though the whole file isn’t totally downloadable yet), transferred pics from my camera, resized photos, and copied a CD (backup data cd); all of these tasks were very easy. Of course the main advantage of Linux: NO VIRUSES (at least so far), and the apps are free.

Hematoma Pics

Fistula 031108
Fistula about 4 hours after infiltrate. The bruise toward the elbow is from the balloon angioplasty from last week.

Fistula infiltrate 031208
That’s not muscle; that’s a hematoma from the infiltrate about 28 hours after. The hematoma drastically hides the aneurysms in my upper fistula.

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