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I have a fine, macular (flat), pruritic (itchy as hell) rash on my back, chest, and abdomen. Other parts are itchy (scalp, sometimes on my leg), but it’s mainly on my trunk. I had my doctor look at it, and he said it’s either viral or from a drug. The only thing I’ve had that’s new is the IV dye on Friday. However, I had dialysis on Saturday (I have to find out if dialysis removes IV dye), and it didn’t start until Sunday morning, so I doubt it’s dye related.

I took an Atarax last night after supper, and slept from 6:15 last night until 5:30 this morning! Atarax usually doesn’t do that to me; maybe because my kidney function is so crappy, the med is staying in my system longer…

I’m getting discouraged with getting a kidney. On Friday, a patient who is near me at dialysis got a call for a kidney. That evening, I was talking to someone in the transplant department, and he told me that he couldn’t understand why I didn’t get a call as well, because I was the right blood type, and I’ve been on the list a lot longer. But, UNOS decides who’s up for a given kidney, and passed me over. Also, I think he said that I almost got a kidney the one time, and that it was a perfect match, but that they couldn’t get it here in time to put it in. I’m pretty sure that’s what he said, but I did have Fentanyl that day, and my mind may have been a little cloudy.

Gotta go; time to scratch my back some more….

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