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 I had labs done on Tuesday, but they were late in being posted to MyGeisinger. 

Hgb 14-16.5 12.5 L
Creatinine 0.7-1.5 8.4 H
Post-Dialysis BUN   19  
Albumin 3.8-5.0 3.9  
Calcium 8.3-10.5 8.7  
Phosphorous 2.5-4.8 5.2 H
Iron 45-160 88  
Transferrin Sat 15-55% 38%  
Potassium 4.6 3.5-5.1  

Phosphorous still a little high, but the dietician said that with chronic kidney patients, they allow a little higher than norm. Plus, I had some chocolate on Sunday, and have been drinking milk every day (bad boy!). Potassium is still good, iron and hemoglobin are a little lower.

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