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Dialysis Day 80

One of the Nephrology Fellows (Fellow=a doctor who has completed a general residency and is now training to become a specialist) visited me at dialysis. This was the first I’ve ever seen him, so he reviewed my history and talked for a while. I asked him about my procedure on Friday, but he wasn’t able to tell me much, because it will depend on what they find during the study. I found out the procedure is a Fistulogram, which is an X-ray study that involves injecting dye into my fistula to visualize it. There’s a possibility I won’t need sedation, but they also may send me to a Vascular Surgeon (I assume that if that happens, it will be due to the pseudo-aneurysms in my arm). The Fellow also told me that with PKD, there is a high incidence of intestinal polyps. I think he’s FOS (pun intended), as I’ve never heard that, and didn’t find anything about it on Google. He wants me to get a Colonoscopy ASAP, because if there were “problems”, they are more easily fixed before a transplant (probably due to the fact of immunosuppression and the risk of infection, and if cancerous, chemo can be done while on dialysis, but could harm a transplanted kidney). I’m going to wait to talk to my regular Nephrologist about this; he is super compulsive, and I find it hard to believe that if this is something that should be done, that he didn’t tell me about this before. Nothing against the Fellow, as each doctor practices differently. But with dialysis 3 days a week, I’m “procedured out”.

Beginning wt: 94.3 kg. End wt: 90.9 kg.

I messed up with our vehicle the other day. We have an old Chevy Astro mini van (dubbed affectionately by Kevin as “the welfare van”), that I’ve “inherited” since we replaced my car (which is fine; as long as I have wheels to get to work, I don’t care). Anyway, I changed the oil on Sunday, and since Jackie was in a hurry to go shopping, I rushed through it, and didn’t check the oil level afterwards. On Monday, I had white smoke coming out the tailpipe, and dropping oil pressure. I researched it, and found that I had added about ½ quart too much oil. So there I was yesterday morning at 5:30, pitch blackness, putting the van up on ramps to drain some of the oil. Problem fixed, and since I use Amsoil, no more oil changes for another 25,000 miles.

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