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I go in Friday for my fistula procedure. I have blood work at 9:15 (PT/INR) and then the appointment with the IR (Interventional Radiologist).  I have no idea what to expect, except that it will probably be a procedure under conscious sedation. Jackie is taking the day off to go with me. I usually don’t mind going myself, but I won’t be able to drive. I’m glad she’ll be there; at least I won’t have to be alone waiting.

I’m getting more familiar with Linux. Tonight, I figured out how to “open a console” and I configured my sound. There are still things I probably need to do, but I’ll figure them out as I go along (e.g. my browser takes longer loading web pages; maybe it’s the driver for my ethernet adapter?).

Check out the Top 20 Websites where we spend our time online. Bank of America must have a lot of customers!

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