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Bridesmaid again?

After my last call for a kidney, I adopted the expression “always the bridesmaid, never the bride…”, since I seem to always be the “backup” when kidneys are available.†

Well, I just got a call, and again, I was given a “secondary” offer. I didn’t ask, but I think he said there is one person ahead of me again. The potential donor is a 48 year old female with a history of MS who had an intra-cranial bleed (aka hemorrhagic stroke), and is hospitalized locally. The HLA lab is in Hershey, and they need a specimen from†the donor to cross match with potential recipients, so it will be a while before I hear anything. The advantage of this situation is that the cause of death is not related to drugs (drugs=potential for diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis), and the kidney will be “fresh” (as opposed to someone who dies suddenly, has “down time”, and the kidney is out of the body for a while before transplanting).

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