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Dialysis Day 76

February 22, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I started dialysis late yesterday. The social worker snagged me on my way in, and asked if I would sit in on a patient advocacy meeting. The meeting involved myself, 2 other patients, the Nephrologist, nurse manager, and the clinic manager. I basically just sat and listened, as I wasn’t prepared for it (she just asked me on the spot). Hard to believe, but Geisinger has been doing dialysis since the year I was born! They are having a 45th anniversary celebration in April, which was part of the meeting. They also spoke of some patient issues as well (nurses taking too many attempts at “sticks” before asking someone else to try, getting a new ultrasound that they use to assess the fistulas and grafts, etc). It was interesting, and next time, I’ll probably be able to participate more (you know me; if there’s something not right, I won’t hesitate to bring it up).

My BP continues to be low. I started out at 103/52, and when the Nephrology Fellow came over, it was 92/50. So, my dry weight got bumped up again to 90 kg, although I think that maybe my BP med (Cardizem CD) might need adjustment.

Beginning wt: 92.7 kg. End wt: 89.7 kg.

Blizzard conditions here in Northeast PA. Not really, but if you listen to Channel 16, you would think this is a major snowstorm (4-7 inches forecast, depending on who you listen to). They started out their morning broadcast with “now our top story, live team coverage of the winter storm”, and then some idiot reporter telling us there’s a whole 2 inches of snow on the ground (idiot might be a bit harsh, since he’s only doing his job, but please, it’s only 2 inches!). Jackie and I were in Wal Mart last night, and with all of the people there, you would think the world was coming to an end.

I uninstalled Norton Internet Security Suite on Jackie’s laptop, and installed Avast Anti Virus. It picked up a Trojan Horse that Norton didn’t pick up. And Norton is supposed to be so good?

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