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Dialysis Day 74, Call #4

February 16, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sleepy day at dialysis today. I met the Transplant Nephrologist for the first time today (ironically; more on that later); he will take over as my Nephrologist once I’m transplanted.  He was rounding for my Neph, and just checking in to see if I needed anything. He asked if I was on the transplant list, and when I told him I’ve had 3 calls, he said “I would bet it will be soon” (that I get a kidney).  Other than that, dialysis was uneventful. 

Beginning wt: 93.7kg. End wt: 89.3 kg

Tonight, my cell phone rang at 8pm; it was the Transplant Coordinator. She had a “backup offer” for me.  A 19  year old male who had an “anoxic event” 5 days ago, was resuscitated on the way to the hospital, and is now going to be an organ donor. It “wasn’t a drug overdose technically”, but he did use oral and nasal drugs (cocaine and pills), and the history is negative for IV drug use. His creatinine has “stabilized” at 0.8 (which is good), and the surgeon thought it would be a good kidney. She still hadn’t spoken with the Nephrologist yet.

She said that there are “others” ahead of me, but didn’t know where I was in line after I asked her directly (funny how all of my other calls included where I was in line for the kidney). I asked her why I wasn’t near the top for this one, since I was the last time. She hesitantly told me that the list is constantly changing, and that there were “many factors involved”. It’s possible that I will be 2nd in line one time, and then be 3rd or 4th the next time. She also sort of let the cat out of the bag that there were possibly some kidney-pancreas candidates, and that they apparently get bumped ahead of me. I told her that I didn’t understand why I’m over 2.5 years on the list, and when I started, the average wait was 18 months. She said that no, the wait is 3.5-4 years. Maybe now it is, but it wasn’t in July 2005. She didn’t really want to hear that. Not that I was arguing, but I’m getting tired of being kept in the dark. I’m trying hard not to stay focused and rational about it, but when I’m told that my place on the list can change each time, I don’t understand that. I understand that they try to pair up the organ with the most ideal candidate, but…..

They are going to cross match me, and if I don’t hear from her by tomorrow night, I’ll “know that the kidneys went elsewhere”.  A call either way would be nice, but apparently that won’t happen unless I’m up for the kidney.

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