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Dialysis Day 73

February 12, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

 Still bottoming out my BP; consistently 90’s to 100’s over 50’s-60’s. My ending BP (after my saline “rinse back”) was 105/59. The Nephrology fellow, Dr. P, was in today and bumped up my dry weight again (now 89.5 kg), and said that he’ll continue this as long as I’m having lightheadedness and low bp’s. I guess they don’t have a Crit Line. 

My machine ran at 450 ml/minute, which is the upper limit I have so far been able to reach; no infiltrate at that speed, and the dialysis is more efficient the higher the rate.  Due to the weather, I was set to end 30 minutes early, but then, my dialyzer clotted, and they stopped another 22 minutes early, rather than losing 200 cc or so of blood. So my treatment was cut short 52 minutes, but they were only short 200 cc of fluid to be removed. Beginning wt: 91.1 kg. End wt: 89.3 kg.

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