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Dialysis Day 72

February 10, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

 Late start at dialysis yesterday. They had 2 nurses off, which made it busier for the ones who worked. I didn’t get on until after 12:00, and out at around 4:35. I did have some bleeding issues afterwards, but after a dressing change, it stopped, and my clothes were spared. The lady in the next chair wasn’t so lucky. She had the clamp over the puncture site, and the force of the blood  blew the clamp off and she bled all over her chair, and her back was soaked with blood.  Other than that, I had some occasional cramps, but nothing major. My BP was a bit low at the end: 98/60, and that was after the saline rinse (150 cc).

Beginning wt: 92.7kg. End wt: 88.1 kg. 

Last night, I was lightheaded and weak. They didn’t adjust my dry weight again, because prior to dialysis, I was fine. However, today I almost blacked out a couple of times when I stood up, so maybe I do need another adjustment.

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