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Dialysis Day 71

 I had a decent day today. Prior to leaving work, I ate a sandwich, since it’s a long time between breakfast and supper without eating. I ate half of it and it promptly came up. I don’t think it was a stomach virus; it was more a gastric bypass puke (there is a big difference; the gbp is when something doesn’t agree and promptly comes back up). I can tell the difference, because once it comes back up, I’m OK to eat again as long as it’s not the same thing. 

Dr. H was in to see me today, and increased my dry weight again to 88.5 kg. I’ve had it increased by 2 kg since starting dialysis (roughly 5 lbs), which can be attributed to me feeling better and eating better. I don’t think that’s a lot of weight, considering I was somewhat anorexic (not to be confused with anorexia nervosa)  prior to dialysis. My BP is still low (105/58 at end of dialysis today), which supports the need to increase my dry weight. If I’m still having lightheadedness Saturday, he’ll go up another 1/2 kg. 

I met with the dietician today, and she was very pleased with my labs. Even though 5 is high for phosphorous in NORMAL people, for someone with kidney failure, it’s still considered normal.  I asked about my PTH; that will be done in April. It’s done quarterly, unless it’s too high or low, or if other labs which affect it are off (Phosphorous and Calcium).  I also asked about my Vitamin D. They took me off the Zemplar, which is activated Vitamin D (dose determined by PTH level), but added oral inactivated Vitamin D (Ergocalciferol). The reason is that there are other parts of the body which use the inactive form. This won’t affect my PTH, because my kidneys aren’t working to “activate” it.  Time to break out the old Physiology text to study all of this. 

Beginning wt: 91.4 kg. End wt: 88.1 kg.

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