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Dialysis Day 70 and Labs

My BP has been getting lower (another indication that my dry weight should be increased), and I’m still having episodes of lightheadedness. The Nephrology Fellow increased my dry weight by ½ kg to 88.0 kg. This morning, I had an appt, and my BP was 98/50. Maybe it needs to go up a little more?

I had labs yesterday, and everything looked pretty good. They didn’t do a PTH (not sure why). My Iron is improved, Hemoglobin is better, Phosphorous borderline elevated (not as bad as before), and Potassium still normal (although creeping upwards).

I’m trying to limit my fluids more; instead of several glasses of water at work, I get a cup of crushed ice 2 times a day, and that curbs my thirst. I also started sipping rather than drinking with a straw at restaurants, and try to leave part of my drink unfinished. It’s difficult, but necessary.

Beginning wt: 92.1 kg. End wt: 87.9 kg.

Lab Ref Range Value Flag
Hemoglobin 14.0-16.5 12.7 L
Pre-Dialysis BUN 65 H
Post-Dialysis BUN 18
KT/V 1.55
Albumin 3.8-5.0 4.1
Potassium 3.5-5.1 4.7
Phosphorous 2.5-4.8 5.0 H
Iron 45-160 99
Transferrin Sat 43.0

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