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Dialysis Day 67

 A day to remember. I had a major weight gain (fluid) since Saturday, and paid the price today. I gained 5.4 kg, which means that they had to take that much off over 4 hours. About 2 hours into it, I started with cramps in my thighs. When I leaned forward to try to massage them, I got cramps in my abdomen. They stopped the part that takes out the fluid, and gave me a half liter of saline, and then a syringe of hypertonic saline, and started the fluid removal several minutes later. I got some more cramps, but toughed it out, but I’m still getting them at home.  I have already begun conserving my intake so that won’t happen again. I was only a half kilo above my dry weight, due to the period of time suspending fluid removal and the normal saline. 

Beginning wt: 92.9 kg, End wt: 88.0 kg. 

My car is fixed; picked it up last night. It was just a radiator hose, and it works fine now.

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