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Doggy Depression

 Kelsea, our 12+ year old Springer Spaniel, was depressed recently. Very mopey, disinterested in most everything, and not overly friendly. However, that all changed this weekend when she got her haircut. 

Amazingly, she gets depressed as her hair gets longer. We get her shaved every 3 months and she loves it! It’s better than any anti-depressant to get her out of her “funk”.  Since her hair cut, she greets us at the door, she jumps up for us to pet her, she sits on our lap, and her affect is definitely brighter! She also plays with Digger more often. 

She has some health problems. She is diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, which up until recently was well controlled with Imuran, a drug that is used in people with kidney transplants and auto-immune disorders. She doesn’t run as much as before, and is having more problems getting onto the furniture (our dogs are allowed on our furniture). However, she doesn’t whine or “complain”, she just goes with the flow….

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