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Dialysis Day 66

My weight gain between treatments is definitely more (as is my urine output definitely less), but I’m still not going above the 3-5% weight gain between treatments. I’m definitely cutting back on fluids, and when I do drink, I get an overwhelming urge to “chug”. I guess it’s one of those “you want it more when you can’t have it” type of things. 

Dialysis went well. I slept through more than half of it (there is NOTHING on TV on Saturday’s that is worth watching).  Beginning wt: 90.3 kg. End wt: 87.5 kg.  

I took my first monthly dose of Vitamin D yesterday (50,000 units). I noticed that several others at dialysis had been given prescriptions as well. I continue to wonder how many people WITHOUT kidney disease are Vitamin D deficient, especially with the push to avoid the sun and use sunscreen?

We drove to Bethlehem last night after dialysis and went out to dinner with a friend. It’s a 90 minute drive, and on the way back, I heard an intermittent squeal from under the hood, and then noticed that the temperature guage was inching upward. We made it home, but when I parked, there was steam coming from under the hood. It happened to be a small hole in the radiator hose. The coolant was spraying onto the engine as well as the belts (thus the squealing sound was from wet belts). So, I had to call off work today due to lack of transportation, since Jackie needed her vehicle to drive up to her mother’s to pick up Kevin. I felt bad about calling in, but I shouldn’t’; I’ve been on this “case” for 5 years, and only called in three times before; once I had a fever, another time I had emergency brain surgery, and the last time was when I started dialysis. 

I did take advantage of the time off, and took a massive “nap” today (10am-2:30). I find that when I do this, I am able to recharge.  I guess I take for granted how much the kidney failure kicks my butt, and taking a periodic “rest day” seems to be needed/seems to help.

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