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Dialysis Day 65

 I slept for about 90 minutes of dialysis yesterday. No problems with my access, but I did get some moderate cramping towards the end.  Beginning wt: 90.3 kg. End wt: 87.5 kg.

I had a new prescription waiting for me when I got to dialysis. I’m starting Ergocalciferol, and will get one 50,000 unit capsule monthly for 6 months. I’m assuming they’ll recheck my Vitamin D level again at that point. It’s just amazing how much the kidneys do for the body; you don’t realize how complex an organ it is until yours don’t work.  

I started doing a little research on Vitamin D, and found this website.  While I haven’t gone through the whole site, one of the theories is that autism may be caused by Vitamin D deficiency. Now, I’m not usually one to be a conspiracy theorist (e.g. the evil drug companies know that vaccines cause autism yet continue to push vaccines; vaccines causing autism is for the most part a bunch of bull feces), or one to quickly sound alarms over UNPROVEN theories, yet this one is intriguing: the rate of autism has climbed in recent years, so is it possible that a Vitamin D deficiency contributes to this? Vitamin D is manufactured by the body after exposure to sunlight. And what are Pediatricians telling parents? Sunlight can cause skin cancer, so cover your children well, and slather on the sunscreen! I’m not at all saying I AGREE with this theory, as it’s not been fully studied, but it SOUNDS as though it MAY be something reasonable to look at (the only problem is that when some people get wind of this theory, they accept it as fact BEFORE it is proven, and that’s how you get all of these whacko websites touting a particular theory without scientific basis/study). 

I took a vacation day today so that I could take Kevin for his Pulmonary Function Study. He’s in a chronic disease management program for his asthma, which is sponsered by our HMO and my employer, and offers financial incentives to meet certain goals. So, the nurse asked for him to have the study, which is a good idea, as they now have a baseline for his lung function in case they need to compare it in the future.



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