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Dialysis Day 63

Nothing exciting at dialysis yesterday. Got my iron and Epogen, and slept for about 20 minutes. Minimal machine alarms, and my fistula is working well. 

The guy next to me was from an in-patient unit; thus, they brought him down in a bed. They tried putting a PICC line in while he was being dialyzed  (an IV inserted into the arm that goes up the vein into one of the major veins leading to the heart), but weren’t successful (the line was for them to draw his labs). The guy was probably in his mid to late 40’s, but looked 10-15 years older then he probably was. He also had a ”No Code” bracelet on.  He was disoriented; he kept asking the nurse for a cigarette….

Beginning wt: 91.2 kg. End wt: 87.3 kg.

Digger was a bad boy last night. We went to the store to get my lunch for work today, and I put everything away, except for a box of Little Debbie’s Fig Bars (it was on the back of the counter. I was on the computer, and Jackie was taking a bath, and unbeknownst to us, Digger had snatched the box of fig bars, and ate all but one, in addition to the cellophane wrappers and part of the box. We’re just not used to having a dog that can reach things on the counter. Surprisingly, he didn’t get sick. 

We have Verizon DSL along with Verizon Yahoo. They provide free Norton Internet Security Suite, and we use that. I was surfing the Verizon site the other day, and they have a security software available for download, so I tried it. The Norton usually just picks up 1 cookie each time, yet the Verizon software picked up a virus/trojan horse as well as about 10 spywares (I realize that “spyware” is subjective, and each software has their own set of guidelines in labeling files as spyware). So, I’m considering paying for the Verizon software (it’s a trial download), or trying something else. I’m concerned that the Norton will not protect my computer adequately.

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