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It wasn’t it…, Dialysis Day 62

I got a call from the transplant coordinator about 20 minutes before I left for dialysis to tell me that the transplant “fell through”. The potential donor didn’t meet the criteria to donate. She died of asthma, so my guess is that she had too much down time (time without circulating oxygen). I’m fine with how it turned out, although it would have been nice to get a kidney. At least I’m close; this is the 2nd call in less than 1 month. 

Dialysis ended early (about 40 minutes) due to the weather. Fine with me; it’s been a wierd day, and I was glad to get home. I only was 0.4 kg above my dry weight at the end. 

Beginning wt: 90.6 kg. End wt: 87.9 kg. 

Kevin’s surgery went well. I got to see him after he was done (I was on my way to dialysis when he was leaving). Judging from his behavior after the sedation, I’d say he’ll be a happy drunk. The only issue he has is that he’s a little nauseated, and has a terrible taste in his mouth. His pain is minimal (he’s still numb from the local anesthetic). 

I have an email that I’ll send out when the transplant takes place; it will include Jackie’s cell phone number. If you want to be on the notification list, email me.

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