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Dialysis Day 61

I slept for most of dialysis yesterday.  Woke up to the taste of maple syrup again (my Iron infusion). Interestingly, I found another person who experiences the same taste with Venofer. 

I find that when I wear my splints to dialysis, I get a “restless legs” flare up. Yesterday, I went without them, and did better. Maybe I’ll just take them off prior to sitting down. The only problem with that is that sometimes they are difficult to get on, and with 2 holes in my left arm, I’m afraid they’ll bleed.

I still may need to go up on my dry weight again. Cramps at the end of dialysis, and lightheadedness at home last night. BP at end of dialysis was 108/58.

Monday was the 6th anniversary of my gastric bypass surgery. I would say that it’s successful; 210 lbs lighter today than pre-op, and I’ve kept it off (although the kidney failure helped keep it off as well).

Speaking of surgery, Kevin goes tomorrow to get 4 impacted wisdom teeth out. Unfortunately, I can’t be there, because I have dialysis, but Jackie, her sister, and their mother will be there (talk about multiple high anxiety!).  Kevin’s extremely nervous about it. I’ve been there, done that, and it’s a piece of cake (compared to other surgeries), but to him, I understand that it’s something major. So that’s why I said to him this morning that I talked to the doctor in the Peds ICU, and had him reserve a bed for him “just in case”. For those of you who don’t know me, I was kidding him. He’d do the same to me if the roles were reversed….

Digger continues to amuse us. Last night, he went into the bathroom, jumped into the empty tub, and fell asleep.

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