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Dialysis Day 60

 New needles today, because the hospital wasn’t able to reorder the ones they used previously. They weren’t able to get the bigger 15 guage needles, so they were using 16 guage needles. The new ones are sharper, which means less pain; they will be ordering the 15 guage in this brand. Another nice feature is that it’s much easier to “flip” the needle. This involves turning the needle 180 degrees while it is in the fistula so that the bevel is opposite where it was; this is done when the pressure in that line becomes too high.  

I still had some cramping towards the end, and almost blacked out tonight after bending over to pick something up, but I’ll give it a few more treatments before deciding if I need another dry weight increase. 

Beginning wt: 89 kg. End wt: 87.5 kg (which is my new dry weight).  

Digger,our Golden Doodle, follows me around wherever I go. It’s nice to have a dog to be close to, but it gets a little annoying when, after petting him for over an hour, he expects MORE.  He continues to be mischievous. The other day, Jackie was in the tub, and he jumped in so that he could sit on her lap!

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