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Dialysis Day 59

Given that I spent Tuesday evening with frequent leg cramps and almost blacked out when standing up several times, as well as that my BP has been low at the end of dialysis, I asked my Nephrologist to increase my dry weight. He agreed that it would be a good idea, so I am now a dry weight of 87.5 kg. 

Despite this, the machine took off an extra .6 kg (600 ml of fluid), and that is with ending 20 minutes early (the dialyzer/tubing clotted).  I got the rest of my labs back, and my KT/V is stable at 1.56, and my pre-dialysis BUN was 74. 

The dietician talked to me today, and gave me a “gold star”, but mentioned the phosphorous. I’ll work hard at bringing that down for the next lab draw in 2 weeks. 

I got a dose of IV Iron today. In fact, I’ll be getting 10 doses this month (total of 1000 mg). My ferritin was low nornal, and my transferrin saturation and iron levels were below normal. Maybe that will give me a boost. (iron deficiency is very common in kidney disease, and the body needs it to produce blood cells, especially since I am getting Epogen/Procrit).

Beginning wt: 89.1 kg. End wt: 86.9 kg.

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