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Dialysis Day 58 and labs

I didn’t gain as much between treatments, even though there was 3 days between dialysis this time. My urine output was a little better the past several days. I noticed that I get lightheaded lately and “see stars” when I get up to quick: my guess is that my “dry weight” needs to be increased.

Beginning wt: 89.2 kg. End wt: 86.6 kg.

My bronchitis seems to be better today; my chest isn’t as tight and my cough is more loose.

My hemoglobin is good, but my iron is a little low. Phosphorous is higher (I’ve been a bad boy and have been drinking more milk than usual). PTH is now within range for dialysis patients (150-300); my Zemplar was stopped several weeks ago.

Lab Reference Range Value Flag
Hemoglobin 14-16.5 12.4 L
Hematocrit 40.0-47.0 39.1 L
Phosphorous 2.5-4.8 6.1 H
Creatinine 0.7-1.5 8.0 H
Ferritin 30-400 43.2
Iron 45-160 35 L
Iron Binding Capacity 228-428 246
Potassium 3.5-5.1 4.6
CO2 22-32 24
Transferrin Sat % 14%
PTH, Intact 15-65 153 H
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