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Sick Day

I went to bed last night at 10:00, and Jackie woke me up at 6. I felt horrible (I have bronchitis), so I decided to call in sick. I got back up at 7:30, called in, checked my email, and fell asleep until 2:30.  Although my chest is a little tight, and my throat is still sore, I feel better. Rest definitely helps. I plan on going to work tomorrow, though. Hopefully it won’t last long; I’d hate to get a call for a kidney, and have to turn it down due to illness….

I definitely have a decrease in urine output. Maybe 3 times/day, and not that much. That explains why I have more of a weight gain between treatments. It will be interesting to see how much tomorrow. They usually like no more of a weight gain than 3-5%. I have a dry weight of 87 kg, so that would be 2.6 to 4.35 kg.  I’ve gained a little over that the past several times, so I really need to watch fluid intake.

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