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Dialysis Day 57

Dialysis was pretty much uneventful, although I did have a larger weight gain again, and when the nurse listened to my lungs, I was wheezing. I think I have bronchitis. That potentially sucks; if I get a call for a kidney, I would have to turn it down due to illness. But hopefully I’ll get better soon and won’t have to worry about that…

Beginning wt: 91.5 kg. End wt: 86.9 kg.

BP a little on the low side: 100/52 right before I got my saline rinse at the end of dialysis yesterday. When I stood up, I almost blacked out, and almost fell over as well, because of muscle cramps in my thighs and calves. Since I’m having larger amounts of fluid being taken off, that’s probably why for both of these problems. I also almost passed out when I bent over in the mall last night to tie my shoe….

Jackie got me CSI: Miami (the first season) on DVD for Christmas. We almost have them all watched. I had some gift cards, and we went out this weekend and got the 2nd and 3rd seasons. And now, we got Kevin hooked.

Comparing when we watch it on A&E vs. the DVDs: the picture on our new HDTV with the “upconverting” DVD player is striking….

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