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Dialysis Day 55

Happy New Year everyone!

I had dialysis on New Year’s Eve day after working for 4 hours. Everything went well, except my upper needle site hurt again; not sure why… My BP is excellent; 114/62. I did have “restless legs” during the treatment, which drove me nuts! Beginning wt: 89.7 kg. End wt: 87.0 kg. 

In a way, I’m glad  the holidays are over; the change in routine makes me more tired than usual. I had several hundred emails in my home email, and whittled it down about 200; that drives me nuts as well. 

The evenings are spent watching CSI: Miami. I just started several weeks ago, and got the first season on DVD. Jackie and I watch every night, and yesterday got Kevin hooked as well. 

We’ll be getting a new DirecTV dish and receiver in another 3 weeks, so that he can get HD programming. Looking forward to that, so that we can get full use of our new TV. 

I would imagine they are high in phosphorous, but I did extremely well with protein intake on New Year’s Eve. I had a 8 oz lobster and several shrimp. A serving of shrimp has 18g of protein! \

Labs tomorrow, so we’ll see if I overdid it on the phosphorous.

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